Python question (PyNoob)

Benjamin musiccomposition at
Mon Aug 20 04:18:07 CEST 2007

On Aug 19, 7:33 pm, Anonymous < at> wrote:
> I have exp with C/C++ (and a few other langs). I want to use Python to
> start doing the ff:
> 1). Data Munging (text processing) - instead of Perl
> 2). Automating my build process
> 3). (Possibly) some web data retrieval jobs
> Can anyone point me to resurces/possibly scripts that can get me up to
> speed (to do these 3 things) ASAP, without having to learn the basics of
> programming?

I think if you've chosen Python as a language to use for these things,
you could invest some time in learning the language. It is after all
very easy to learn and you just have to do it once and many of your
programming task will be taken care of.

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