Heterogeneous lists

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at free.quelquepart.fr
Mon Aug 6 07:56:32 CEST 2007

Gordon Airporte a écrit :
> This is one of those nice, permissive Python features but I was 
> wondering how often people actually use lists holding several different 
> types of objects.

Depends on the definition of 'type'. I often have instances of different 
- possibly unrelated - classes in a same list. Fact is that these 
instances usually share a common (implied) interface, but, well, 
sometimes they don't...

> It looks like whenever I need to group different objects I create a 
> class, if only so I can use more meaningful names than '[2]' for the items.

You may not know, but Python has a builtin dict (ie : hashtable) type. 
It's very handy when you just want to "group different objects" while 
still using meaningful names.

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