Python question (PyNoob)

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Mon Aug 20 05:45:46 CEST 2007

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|I have exp with C/C++ (and a few other langs). I want to use Python to
| start doing the ff:
| 1). Data Munging (text processing) - instead of Perl
| 2). Automating my build process
| 3). (Possibly) some web data retrieval jobs
| Can anyone point me to resurces/possibly scripts that can get me up to
| speed (to do these 3 things) ASAP, without having to learn the basics of
| programming?

Your first sentence suggests that you already know the basics of 
programming, so perhaps you meant something a bit different?  such as not 
figure out for yourself the basic idioms of Python, but learn them from 

In any case, item 1 seems too broad for specific help.  As to item three, 
there are modules and indeed programs available.  Check PyPI on the Python 
site, or search this newsgroup's archives ( or the web 


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