Server-side scripting in python

olive ocollioud at
Fri Aug 24 13:16:30 CEST 2007

> Yes : have a look at Pylons too. It's actually quite less 'polished'
> than Django, but it's IMHO going in the right direction (as a matter of
> fact, Turbogears 2.0 - another well-known Python MVC framework -  will
> be based on Pylons...). Django is clearly more oriented toward
> content-management, which might not be what you want for this project.

this opinion about Django is a little bit dated (see

Django is really multi-purpose and is rarely use as a CMS, excepted
through Ellington CMS which is itself a commercial fork oriented
toward newspaper like publishing.

I would use Plone instead as a general CMS.


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