Python equivalent of Perl's $/

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On Aug 19, 1:13 pm, John K Masters <johnmast... at>
> I am currently working my way through Jeffrey Friedl's book Mastering
> Regular Expressions. Great book apart from the fact it uses Perl for the
> examples.
> One particular expression that interests me is '$/ = ".\n"' which,
> rather than splitting a file into lines, splits on a period-newline
> boundary. Combined with Perl's 'while (<>)' construct this seems a great
> way to process the files I am interested in.
> Without wishing to start a flame war, is there a way to do this in Python?
> Regards, John
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Python has a Regular Expressions module. Check it out here:

There's also a chapter from Dive Into Python that covers this topic

Finally, Python "while" statement's docs can be found here:

Hope that helps!


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