mmm-mode, python-mode and doctest-mode?

John J Lee jjl at
Tue Aug 7 21:49:43 CEST 2007

On Tue, 7 Aug 2007, Edward Loper wrote:

> [John J Lee]
>> Is it possible to get doctest-mode to work with mmm-mode and python-mode 
>> nicely so that docstrings containing doctests are editable in doctest-mode?
> I recently released a new version of doctest-mode [1], and I came across your 
> email [2] (it was on the first page of google hits for "doctest-mode").  So I 
> decided to have a go at getting doctest-mode to play nicely with mmm-mode. 
> The result is available here:

Nice!  Works for me so far (emacs 22).

I'm also very pleased to see that doctest-mode no longer attempts to 
auto-fill at the end of long lines -- that was extremely annoying, and the 
new behaviour is a big improvement.

Here's another wish.  My next-nearest doctest-mode annoyance: hitting TAB 
should have similar behaviour to python-mode.  So, the first press of the 
TAB key gets you a sensible guess at the indentation you want.  The second 
and subsequent TAB keypresses cycle through no indentation, '>>>' 
indentation, and '...' indentation.  Ideally this would be made to work in 
combination with the standard indentation-cycling behaviour in those cases 
where multiple indentations are allowed within Python code (so, it might 
be ' ...         ', '', '    >>> ', '    ... ','    ...     ',
' ...         ' as the TAB key is repeatedly pressed).

>> `doctest-example'
>>     Used to edit doctest examples in text-editing modes, such as
>>     `rst-mode' or `text-mode'.  Docstring submode regions start with
>>     optionally indented prompts (>>>) and end with blank lines.  Use
>>     (C-c % C-e) to insert a new doctest-example region.  When
>>     `doctest-execute' (C-c C-c) is called inside a doctest-example
>>     region, it executes all examples in the buffer.

I couldn't immediately see how to get this working in a .doctest file, so 
haven't tried this yet.

Another wish: Even though I don't normally run code from emacs directly, I 
do think it would be very handy indeed to be able to execute a *single* 
doctest example from doctest-mode.  Don't know what keybinding would be 


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