CIE Colorspace Conversions

Greg Taylor gtaylor at CLEMSON.EDU
Mon Aug 20 20:58:28 CEST 2007


I'm not sure if this is the right place to probe for interest, but I 
figured I'd give it a shot.

Recently, a project I undertook at work required us to convert between 
the various CIE color spaces (XYZ, Lab, LCH, Luv, etc.). I looked long 
and hard but didn't find any Python library that did this, I was able to 
find JavaScript and C-based implementations, but that's about it. For a 
good example of the kinds of conversions I am referring to, see:

This is likely only to interest those in the Graphic Communications 
industry (notably printers and anyone else having to deal with color 
science), but I'm curious to see if anyone out there in the Python 
community would have any use for a color conversion library. If I've 
missed an existing implementation, feel free to point it my way as well.

I'd love to eventually be able to quickly convert between color spaces 
and perform comparisons like Delta E without having to worry about doing 
said conversions manually. I'm not too sure this excites anyone else, 

Greg Taylor
Clemson University '08
Graphic Communications

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