Python and Tkinter Programming--Expensive!

Kevin Walzer kw at
Sun Aug 19 17:52:34 CEST 2007

Nick Craig-Wood wrote:
> W. Watson <wolf_tracks at> wrote:
>>  Why is the book in Subject (author is Grayson) so expensive? $100 on Amazon 
>>  and $195 on ABE. Aren't there alternatives?
> There is an excellent section (266 pages) on TKinter in "Programming
> Python" by Mark Lutz. I've got the 2nd edition.
> Lutz concentrates on TK programming using classes, making re-usable
> components which I found really helpful compared to the ad-hoc way I'd
> seen TK presented previously.
+1 on Lutz. It's very current, and has helped me learn Tkinter 
programming (and I already have a background with Tk via Tcl).

Kevin Walzer
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