Python doesn't see the directories I create

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Aug 30 12:59:28 CEST 2007

Bruno Desthuilliers wrote:
> mr_gadget a écrit :
>> When I create a subfolder, python is not seeing it. Can someone please 
>> explain this behaviour ? I just started with python, read the tutorial over 
>> the weekend and am writing my very first script. So I may not be seeing 
>> something. Both os.path and glob.glob seem not to see a folder I created. 
>> Other sibling folders seem to work fine. On a whim I tried paths with \\ 
>> double slashes and that worked. But why should single slashes work for some 
>> folders and not for others ??
Note you *didn't* try paths with double slashes, you merely correctly 
represented the paths with single slashes :-)

> s/slash/antislash/g
> It's a very well known gotcha due to MS's choice to use the antislash as 
> path separator. In most languages - Python included - the antislash is 
> used for escape sequences (non-printable characters). '\r' is the escape 
> sequence for CR (carriage return). Doubling the antislash prevents 
> escaping.
> You can avoid all escaping by using raw strings:
> mypath = r"C:\enhancement\rawfiles\"
Please note that the above is a well-known syntax error. A string 
literal cannot end with a single backslash, as it escapes the closing quote.

 >>> mypath = r"C:\enhancement\rawfiles\"
   File "<stdin>", line 1
     mypath = r"C:\enhancement\rawfiles\"
SyntaxError: EOL while scanning single-quoted string

> Also and IIRC, using slash instead should also work, ie:
> mypath = r"C:/enhancement/rawfiles/"
That does indeed work in most situations, but ideally (i.e. for maximum 
code portability) paths should be constructed using os.path.join(), or 
collected from the environment somehow.

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