Wing IDE for Python v. 3.0 beta1 released

sdeibel at sdeibel at
Thu Aug 2 17:00:40 CEST 2007

On Aug 1, 6:42 pm, John K Masters <johnmast... at> wrote:
> To suggest that, because the autocompletion worked on one method of a
> module and not on another was because I had not configured the
> PYTHONPATH properly is at least insulting.

We certainly didn't intend to be insulting.  This it the most common
cause of
auto-completion problems but you are right that it's a mis-diagnosis
on our
part if it was just one method.  We respond to sometimes hundreds of
a day ,so we do make mistakes.

It may be solved by using Reanalyze File from the right-click context
on the editor but there's no gaurantee.  This is incredibly complex
code with
many layers of highly optimized tokenizing, analysis, inference,
and then display in the various tools in Wing so it often takes a bit
more time
to find where the bug is.

By the way, Wing 3.0 beta1 fixes a number of bugs that would lead to
bad analysis, including missing methods as a result of failure to
track edits in a file properly.  It also improves reading completion
out of extension modules and properly handles several forms of
import where it fell on its face previously.

Hope that's useful... please let me know if not.

- Stephan

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