C++/Python programmers for a MUD's gamedriver wanted.

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Mon Jan 8 03:30:29 CET 2007

Paul McGuire wrote:
> Have you considered whether the C++ Driver is even necessary?  Python's
> run-time engine already implements the memory and process management tasks,
> and does so in compiled C code (and has been tested and retested by
> hundreds, nay thousands, perhaps even millions of Python users).
> Interprocess communication can be done using CORBA or Pyro add-ons.
> You may do better by "letting Python be Python" instead of confining it to
> limited user graphical and/or text interaction, and then
> marshaling/unmarshaling commands and responses to and from the C++ layer.
> Before getting too wrapped up in the C++ core/utility layer, get this (or a
> prototype) running in pure Python first, measure the performance, and then
> reimplement in C/Pyrex/ShedSkin/C++ for the performance-intensive bits.
> -- Paul

The idea of writing C++ layer for Python lib seemed to be great, as far
as the only programmer involved in the project knows C++ a lot better,
than Python - we hoped to start as soon as possible, get the basic
services running in few weeks, learning Python 'by the way'. But in the
meantime we've realised, that even with much more people developing
this project it will surely last for years, so carefull consideration
of every little part of it is needed before writing even single line of
code. Extreme programming is nice, but we lack of proper skills -
instead we have a lot of time.

You're right - writing prototype with pure Python seems to be very good
idea. If we encounter any performance problems, reimplementing just a
part of code would be the best and easiest way to deal with them. Also,
using Python in the whole app will result with much cleaner code, the
integration between diferent modules will be done in more natural

We have to rethink whole app architecture, slowly and precisely. But
still, of course, everyone who wants to help is kindly welcomed :)

Sorry for my english if I made a mistake somewhere, and thank you for
your reply.

Piotr Klibert.

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