More M2Crypto issues

John Nagle nagle at
Fri Jan 19 19:16:14 CET 2007

Gabriel Genellina wrote:
> At Thursday 18/1/2007 04:41, John Nagle wrote:

> On a previous version of M2Crypto that line said: map()[self.ctx] = 
> self, and that failed too ("unhashable object", I think).
> I changed the class _ctxmap (the map() above returns an instance of it) 
> to use str(key) in the 3 places it was used. (That would be equivalent 
> to use str(self.ctx) everywhere, instead of long(self.ctx) as your 
> traceback is showing). All I can say is that no error happened 
> afterwards, but I don't know if that broke something. 
> So using str() appears, at least on the surface, to be reasonable. But 
> someone with more intimate knowledge of the library should confirm that. 
> I don't even understand what's the point for the _ctxmap singleton - 
> it's the same thing as a global dictionary, isn't it?

     I played around with using "str" too, but I was worried about
Python and SWIG version issues.  I'm not sure you can use "str"
on those objects on all versions and platforms.  I think that
SWIG is generating the implementations of __str__ and __long__.

     Incidentally, note in that area that if you never explicitly
call "close" on a Context, it will never be released.  Or so
it looks from the code.

     Actually, at the moment I'm having an M2Crypto problem related
to a SWIG/OpenSSL conflict.  Older versions of OpenSSL have an
include file that needs __i386__ defined, which is something GCC
does based on what platform you're on.  SWIG uses CPP, but
doesn't set the platform defines, so the SWIG phase of the
M2Crypto build fails.  I'm currently trying to get the shared
host where that build took place upgraded to a later version of
OpenSSL, but that requires a server restart, so it may take
a few days.  I'm doing something that requires M2Crypto to
run on a range of machines, which turns out to be rather harder
than expected.

     All this stuff is in the area that Guido was unhappy about
in his "M2Crypto Woes" article.

The worst problems there have been fixed, but we're not out
of the woods yet.  As Guido wrote, using SWIG does complicate

     I'm currently getting good results on Windows 2000 with
Python 2.4 using M2Crypto 0.17; right now, the problems are
on the Linux side.

				John Nagle

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