Program eating memory, but only on one machine?

Per B.Sederberg persed at
Mon Jan 22 16:49:11 CET 2007

Wolfgang Draxinger <wdraxinger <at>> writes:
> > So, does anyone have any suggestions for how I can debug this
> > problem?
> Have a look at the version numbers of the GCC used. Probably
> something in your C code fails if it interacts with GCC 3.x.x.
> It's hardly Python eating memory, this is probably your C
> module. GC won't help here, since then you must add this into
> your C module.
> >  If my program ate up memory on all machines, then I would know
> > where to start and would blame some horrible programming on my
> > end. This just seems like a less straightforward problem.
> GCC 3.x.x brings other runtime libs, than GCC 4.x.x, I would
> check into that direction.

Thank you for the suggestions.  Since my C module is such a small part of the
simulations, I can just comment out the call to that module completely (though I
am still loading it) and fill in what the results would have been with random
values.  Sadly, the program still eats up memory on our cluster.

Still, it could be something related to compiling Python with the older GCC.

I'll see if I can make a really small example program that eats up memory on our
cluster.  That way we'll have something easy to work with.


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