convert frames from mpeg to array

seb sebastien.thur at
Wed Jan 3 14:24:10 CET 2007

Hi, I need to convert each frame from a movie (mpeg for example) to an
array (in order to do some computation)  and then back to a video
format mpeg for example. Do you know of any tools ?

The equipment :
I got myself an IP axis camera with wich I am playing to trying to do
some shape recognition.
My PC is running winXP SP2.

The plan is :
1) to manage to record the movies to my hard disk (in mpeg format for
2) to analyse the films in order to tests various algorythms /
3) to generate the transformed frame back to mpeg (or any format).

What is already done is :
1) record to hard disk is easily donne using vlc for example
vlc ""
--sout file/ts:test.mpg

The problem is point 2
I have tried to use pygame (on winXP) but it seems that it does not
suppport movies.
Pycar does not run on my PC.
I have looked for some other tools but without any success.
There is possibily a python binding to vlc but I am not sure of what
can be done with it.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this mail.

Best regards.

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