Barcode recognition in Python

PaoloB pibizza at
Sat Jan 13 15:34:19 CET 2007

Jorge Godoy wrote:
> "PaoloB" <pibizza at> writes:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I am searching for a python library for barcode recognition. We have
> > developed a rather complex application for document tracking and
> > document management in python/Zope, called PAFlow (
> > sorry, most of the information is in Italian...).
> >
> > As our project is completely free software, we will need a library that
> > is free software too.
> >
> > Is there something like this in python ?
> Sorry, but what do you mean by "barcode recognition"?  A barcode reader
> already decodes the barcode and sends the decoded output.  If it is one
> plugged in a keyboard port, for example, reading the barcode or typing the
> "message" is exactly the same thing.
> Or are you willing some kind of OCR to process the barcodes without a barcode
> reader (why having barcodes then?)?

Hi Jorge,

basically we are trying to do exactly this. Our process works as

- an operator receives a paper document, compiles a series of data on a
computer form and produces a bar code stamp, that he puts on the

- the document received during the day are put on a mass scanner. The
documents are sent to a specific e-mail address;

- the system reads the scanned documents, and based on the barcodes,
associate the documents to the information already present on the

So, yes, we have to make OCR for barcodes.



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