Bizarre floating-point output

Nick Maclaren nmm1 at
Mon Jan 8 19:39:15 CET 2007

In article <1168280213.382178.228020 at>,
"Ziga Seilnacht" <ziga.seilnacht at> writes:
|> There was a recent bug report identical to your complaints, which
|> was closed as invalid. The rationale for closing it was that things
|> like:
|> print ("a, bc", "de f,", "gh), i")
|> would be extremely confusing if the current behaviour was changed. See
|> for details.

Well, I wasn't complaining - merely querying.

If this approach is taken, it would be better to document it, so that
authors of derived classes follow the convention.

Nick Maclaren.

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