Parallel Python

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Thu Jan 11 11:11:51 CET 2007

Nick Maclaren wrote:
> In article <7x8xga215f.fsf at>,
> Paul Rubin <> writes:
> |>
> |> > Yes, I know that it is a bit Irish for the best way to use a shared
> |> > memory system to be to not share memory, but that's how it is.
> |> 
> |> But I thought serious MPI implementations use shared memory if they
> |> can.  That's the beauty of it, you can run your application on SMP
> |> processors getting the benefit of shared memory, or split it across
> |> multiple machines using ethernet or infiniband or whatever, without
> |> having to change the app code.
> They use it for the communication, but don't expose it to the
> programmer.  It is therefore easy to put the processes on different
> CPUs, and get the memory consistency right.

Thus communicated data is "serialized" - not directly used as with threads or with custom shared memory techniques like POSH object sharing.


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