C/C++, Perl, etc. to Python converter

Thomas Ploch Thomas.Ploch at gmx.net
Wed Jan 3 17:29:00 CET 2007

Matimus schrieb:
> I don't know of a converter, one may exist. I have seen similar
> requests though and will give you a similar response to what I have
> seen. A converter, if it exists, may be able to produce working code
> but _not_ readable code. Python is a language whose strength comes
> from, among other things, its readability and conventions. Learning
> python is best done by using the online documentation
> (http://docs.python.org/tut/tut.html) and reading existing code (take a
> look at the built in modules).
> My biggest fear of teaching someone to program by using a program to
> convert perl to python is that they will end up writing python that
> still looks like perl.
> I don't know if it helps, but I know others will give you similar
> advice.
> -Matt

I think that it *is* possible to do it, but a whole lot of work had to
be done to achieve this. It is all about how many rules (like how to
convert this block of unreadable code of language X into a readable
python block) you are willing to find/program (and these are a lot). It
is a almost gigantic task to make this work proper, but it definitely
*is* possible.

Something like this doesn't exist yet, but people (especially
Computational Linguists) are working on this.


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