Just Getting Started with Python on MS XP Pro

W. Watson wolf_tracks at invalid.com
Sun Jan 7 17:22:07 CET 2007

Jussi Salmela wrote:
> W. Watson kirjoitti:
>> Thomas Ploch wrote:
> <snip>
>>> https://sourceforge.net/projects/pywin32/
>>> I think this is the place to go
>>> Thomas
>> That gets me the python program (pywin), which I got from a URL in a 
>> post above (python-win.msi). I guess these are the same or at least 
>> just the interpreter, and do not provide the IDE-debugger. I can't get 
>> pythonwin, the debugger and IDE. The link was broken last night when I 
>> tried it. Well, let me try now. Nope, it still reports "Error 404: 
>> File Not Found"
> I don't understand your difficulties. If you've got Python installed and 
> want to install the "Python for Windows extensions" aka pywin32, the 
> above link is the way to go.
> Clicking it gets you to a Sourceforge page, where you can click 
> "download" which gets you to ap page where you can choose which version 
> of pywin32 build 210 you want. Choose the exe that was built for the 
> Python version (e.g. 2.5) you are using, download and run it to install 
> pywin32.
> HTH,
> Jussi
As I understand it, there are two files I'm after: 1. python interpreter, 
and 2. a python editor. It's #2 that I'm having trouble downloading. The 
link is broken.

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