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Wed Jan 10 15:31:36 CET 2007

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   zoara <me17 at> wrote:
>On 9 Jan 2007 06:58:15 -0800, octabox at wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I represent Octabox, an Internet Start-up developing a wide-scale
>> platform for Internet services.  We are very interested to know your
>> thoughts on Internet productivity and how it might be improved, and to
>> that end we have set up a short survey at our website -
>> We would very much appreciate if you would take a couple of minutes to
>> fill it up and influence our direction and empahsis.
>Well, that was too tempting to pass up. Amusing answers related to dirty
>bastard time-wasting spammers duly entered and submitted.

My hope is that one of these groups of kids will learn from
the nose-wiping service a.f.c. gives them and we get a query
back full of curiosity.  It is ironic that these ads ask
for expert help and then get rude when it's given.


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