howto overload with a NOP (empty statement)

Stef Mientki S.Mientki-nospam at
Sat Jan 6 11:29:58 CET 2007

How should I overload / disable a method ?
In the example below I have defined the class "Power_Supply", derived 
from baseclass "device".
The baseclass has a method "execute", which will be implemented in most 
derived classes, but not in all.
Now apparently it's not allowed to overload a method with an empty 
I could write a nonsense dummy statement, like "A= 3", but isn't there 
another way ?

thanks, Stef Mientki

class device:
   def execute (self):
     print 'execute not yet implemented for', self.Name

class Power_Supply (device):
   def execute (self): ;

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