new office formats, REs and Python

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Jan 4 07:40:47 CET 2007

tubby wrote:

> How are Python users dealing with some of the new OASIS Open Document 
> formats (Open Office) or MS Open XML formats. These formats store data 
> in a file which is actual a zip archive that contains numerous files and 
> folders. For example, a file saved from Open Office 2.0 named 'test.odt' 
> can be unzipped into many parts... content.xml, meta.xml, settings.xml, 
> etc, etc.
> How can I read these files do re searching and matching on them, etc? 
> content.xml may have a string I'm searching for, but how would I attach 
> that back to the original 'test.odt' file?


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