Python Windows Editors

W. Watson wolf_tracks at
Wed Jan 24 22:07:51 CET 2007

W. Watson wrote:
> I downloaded python-2.5.msi and installed it. I believe its editor is 
> [corrected]IDLE. I understand there's a Win editor called pythonwin. I believe it's 
> in the download pywin32-210.win32-py2.5.exe, but I'm not sure if this 
> exe file has just the editor or all of Python. Comments? If not how do I 
> get the PythonWin editor by itself?
> BTW, one of the features I did not like of IDE is the limited file Print 
> command. It puts everything in 16pt type, and gives no choice over what 
> pages should be printed. Maybe there's an option?
I don't see any responses that address regarding 
pywin32-210.win32-py2.5.exe, so it looks like I'll have to undbundle it and 
see for myself.

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