Is it possible to fasten the import of cgi?

Cecil Westerhof dummy at
Fri Jan 19 18:22:11 CET 2007

Tim Roberts wrote:

> Cecil Westerhof <dummy at> wrote:
>>I have a cgi-script dat uses the modules cgi, os, sys and time. Offcourse
>>I can not time the time used to import time, but os and sys do not take
>>more as a millisecond. My script itself takes 3 or 4 milliseconds. But
>>importing cgi takes 95 milliseconds. (This is on my test system a PII 300
>>MHz. Is there a way to make this more fast? The import off cgi makes the
>>script at least 20 times as slow. Something like mod-python is not a
>>possibility. I could use it on my test machine, but not at the osting
> Realistically, do you plan to support more than a few dozen requests per
> minute?  If not, then it doesn't matter at all.  The script launch
> overhead is an insignificant part of the user's browser experience.

Not at the moment. The application is in alpha, so it is mostly a few
testers. At the moment it is going life I want to have another provider.
So I have a little time to search for another provider and select 'the best'
framework. ;-}

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