A solution to the MSVCRT vs MSVCR71 problem?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Jan 21 19:54:09 CET 2007

Gabriel Genellina schrieb:
> That's a good thing - but is this just by accident, or is documented
> somewhere?

It's documented somewhere (although I can't find the documentation
right now - it explains how you can link object files from a static
library compiled with an older compiler version against a new version
of the C library).

> I remember that I tried something like that in the past, and failed.
> (Perhaps earlier versions where not fully backwards compatible - or I
> didn't try hard enough that time).

It's been that way for ages, atleast since they started to support
32-bit code. So if you had problems, they might have had a different

It's a different thing for the C++ libraries, though.


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