BOOST confuses me: a few assumptions: true or false.....

Osiris nono at
Mon Jan 1 18:39:57 CET 2007

I read a lot of the html pages on installing boost etc. Still a lot of

Here is what I want:
I have old, stable wonderful C-code I want to use in Python projects.
So I encapsulate the C-code in some C++ stuf and try to compile it
into a DLL.

1: I DL-ed boost_1_33_1.exe (I use WinXP) and unpacked to D:\boost
2: I started my MS Visual C++ 2005 and told the Studio that my
python2.4 includes and libs are at c:\python24\include and
3: I found the project in D:\boost\libs\python\build\VisualStudio and
Studio converted that to the 8.0 version of my VC.
4: I compiled and got stuff in D:\boost\libs\python\build\bin-stage:
      208.896 boost_python.dll
         99.090 boost_python.exp
       166.216 boost_python.lib
        532.480 boost_python_debug.dll
         99.102 boost_python_debug.exp
       168.490 boost_python_debug.lib
    6.450.176 boost_python_debug.pdb
(the numbers are sizes)

Am I now set up to start on my own projects ?

Do I need bjam from here on ? or can I continue to do my own projects
in VC ?

do I need all the stuff in the folders  like D:\boost\libs\* (except
D:\boost\libs\python) ? they do not seem to be used till now...

here is an example of mine, to play around with:
However, I get the compile log (

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdafx.h>

namespace { // Avoid cluttering the global namespace.

int my_int;   /* a global integer: or outside namespace ? */
 double calc ( double f)
    my_int = (int) (f/2);
 //   printf( "Half of %f is %d\n", f, my_int ); 
    return f/2;

#include <boost/python.hpp>

using namespace boost::python;

    def("calc", calc ); 

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