numpy or _numpy or Numeric?

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant.travis at
Wed Jan 24 09:02:17 CET 2007

auditory wrote:
> I am a newbie here
> I am trying to read "space separated floating point data" from file
> I read about csv module by searching this group,
> but I couldn't read space separated values with csv.
> (which may be matter of course..)
> I also read about numpy.fromfile(file, sep=' ') which i can use.
> but on my machine(ubuntu linux) numpy is unknown module,
> which I didn't install by myself.

You will need to install NumPy.

> While trying to install numpy accroding to its homepage.
> (
> i am quite confused.

You are reading old documentation for Numeric and so any installation 
description is how to install the Numeric module (not its newer 
replacement which is called NumPy).


1) Yes, you need NumPy
2) This *is different* from Numeric
3) You get it by either installing a pre-built package for your system 
or by

    a) downloading the source tar-file from
      (get the numpy-<version>.tar.gz file
    b) tar zxvf numpy-<version>.tar.gz
    c) cd numpy-<version>
    d) sudo python install

    e) If you want to link against high-performance libraries on your 
system, then either put them in standard locations or edit the site.cfg 
file appropriately (Optional).

> 4. Or what is general way to read 'space separated values' from file?

You can easily read space-separated values from a file by reading in a 
line at a time and using the split method of strings:

fid = open('filename')
linedata = fid.readlines()
new = [[float(x) for x in line.split()] for line in linedata]

new will be a nested sequence of floats.  You can convert it to an array 
(if you want to do math on it) using

anew = numpy.array(new)


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