C++/Python programmers for a MUD's gamedriver wanted.

Rythin rythin at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 17:47:18 CET 2007

Hi everyone.
We are looking for a volunteer co-programmers for a MUD's gamedriver
project. As of now, a gamedriver is divided into two separate but
tightly interconnected systems - C++ driver and Python lib.

C++ Driver is supposed to be managing memory, proccesses and
communication between them (transparent as far as net is concerned).
Python lib is to define the user's interfaces. Both of them are
designed to work in an object-oriented enviroment, with lib's classes
being driver's child-classes.

Competent level of knowledge on C++ and Python (especially embedding
Python's interpreter in apps) is required. Alternatively, we are
seeking people skilled in a use of Unix sockets and C++ system

If you are interested, email me at rythin at gmail.com (subject:
Gamedriver project) with a brief summary of your skills, C++/Python/mud
experience and things you are looking to find in this job.

You are welcome to ask any additional questions at rythin at gmail.com
(subject: Gamedriver project). 

Take care,

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