How can I create a linked list in Python?

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Wed Jan 17 03:44:20 CET 2007

Every language has its own way to do the business!
Python has a more abstract data type as the common tools.
Just do things in pythonic way!

On 1月17日, 上午9时55分, Gabriel Genellina
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> At Tuesday 16/1/2007 17:07, Dongsheng Ruan wrote:
> >Thanks for your kindly help.
> >I am new CS student taking datat structure and algorithms with AHO's book
> >with the same title.
> >The book is done in Pascal, which might be an outdated language.
> >However, my instructor probably wants us to understand the list ADT better
> >by not using the built in list in Python.Just use the same structure as the book. Instead of nil, use None;
> instead of new(P) where P:^Foo, use P=Foo(); records become classes
> without methods...
> Anyway, implementing linked lists, dictionaries, and other basic
> structures in a language like Pascal, or C -which doesn't have them
> natively- may be a good learning exercise. But doing that in Python
> is not a good idea. Of course, using Python in a second or third
> algorithms course *is* a good idea, because you can forget about
> these implementation details and concentrate on the algorithms.
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