Daniel Nogradi nogradi at
Wed Jan 31 12:59:26 EST 2007

>     Daniel> Does anyone know what has happened to the codebase of the subway
>     Daniel> project? It seems the whole project has been shut down leaving
>     Daniel> no trace of the code on net but I would be very happy to see it,
>     Daniel> apparently it had some cool features that would be fun to look
>     Daniel> at.  Does anyone have access to the code and/or is willing to
>     Daniel> make it publically available?
> No guarantee that it will have any remnants of the subway project, but the
> Wayback Machine might be a good place to start:

Thanks, that's a great idea, actually loads of stuff are on it, but
somehow from the link

the egg file can not be downloaded completely, the connection is
closed at byte 138903 all the time and the file is bigger than that.
If anyone managed to grab the file please let me know so far I tried
wget and firefox.

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