A Good Intro to wxpython/PostgreSQL Applications?

Ed Leafe ed at leafe.com
Mon Jan 8 18:59:14 CET 2007

On Jan 8, 2007, at 12:22 PM, PAllen wrote:

> I am trying to get rid of a few of my old MS Access applications and
> move them to PostgreSQL and Python/wxpython.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions on the easiest way to learn to program small database
> applications with python & wxpython?  Does anyone have a few small
> examples at least?
> I will mainly need forms with/without subforms for viewing and
> inserting data into the database.  Nothing too complicated to get
> started.

	Dabo is designed to do exactly what you describe. It is a desktop  
application framework with an emphasis on database apps. Both myself  
and the other Dabo author, Paul McNett, come from MS Visual FoxPro  
backgrounds, so we know what people expect in a GUI app tool. Be sure  
to check out our screencasts, which show you what is involved in  
creating database applications in Dabo. The screencasts are listed at  
the top of http://dabodev.com/documentation.

	We support several backend databases, and PostgreSQL is one of them.  
We use wxPython as our UI toolkit, but wrap the controls so that they  
have a consistent, property-based API instead of the C++ style of  
getter/setter methods with odd names.

	I will be the first to admit that the how-to documentation is far  
from complete, but there is a good amount of information on the Wiki  
(http://dabodev.com/wiki). And we have our own mailing list that is  
frequented by both the authors and several other helpful folks. You  
can sign up for the dabo-users list at http://leafe.com/mailman/ 

-- Ed Leafe
-- http://leafe.com
-- http://dabodev.com

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