How can I know both the Key c and Ctrl on the keyboard are pressed?

Szabolcs Nagy nszabolcs at
Tue Jan 30 14:44:40 CET 2007

tidegenerator at wrote:
> Hi;
> How can I know the Key c and Ctrl on the keyboard are pressed? Or how
> to let the program press the
> key Ctrl+c automatically? I just want to use python to develop a
> script program.
> gear

depends on where you got your input from and what do you exactly want

in a gui app you get input events from the gui toolkit (wx, gtk, sdl/
in a console app if you use curses lib then you can use getch() oslt

if you want a general solution to get input key events in a simple 
script then you cannot do that.

however Ctrl+C is a special key combination: running python in a unix 
terminal it raises KeyboardInterrupt exception, imho in a windows cmd 
promt it raises SystemExit

so you can emulate those by using:
raise KeyboardInterrupt
raise SystemExit

hope this helps

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