can't get import to work!

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Mon Jan 15 18:35:06 CET 2007

 I am brand new to jython/python.
 I want to use my own Java class from within a Jython script.
 In Java, I created a class called Fubar and put this in a jar file called testit.jar.
 The Fubar class is in the package and this path shows up in the
 testit.jar file. I then modified the jython.bat file (I'm using windows) to include
 the testit.jar file in the classpath. When jython starts from the command line,
 it notices testit.jar and generates some cache information.
 Next I want to use the Fubar class in a jython script. I start jython from the command line and type:
 from import Fubar
 This doesn't work. The following error is displayed:
 ImportError: No module named for
 I also try
 This gives the same error.
 I can enter import java.util.HashMap and other such imports and these work. 
 Can someone please tell me what I could be doing wrong ?
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