how to mimik a main() function to start a program with entry point?

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Sat Jan 20 20:24:52 CET 2007

krishnakant Mane wrote:

> hello all.
> I have one simple query and may be that's to stupid to answer but I am
> not finding the answer any ways.
> I have a set of modules in my package and out if which one is my
> actual starting point to my entire program.  say for example I have an
> entire database application ready and I want a main (as in java or c)
> to initiate the program and may be bring up a login screen and then
> pass the control on to the main window.
> if I am giving raw source code that is easy because I will tell user
> to run the command ./ which has that function.
> but if I freze it into an executable with py2exe for example , how do
> I solve this problem?
> thanks.
> Krishnakant.

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