PyPy trillke sprints (Feb/March 2007)

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PyPy Trillke "EU and beyond!" sprints (25-28th Feb, 1-5th March 2006)
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Some two years and some thousands of commits later, the EU
project period of the PyPy ( project
is about to close ...  and a new period to begin: we are going
for a sprint of three days of focusing on EU reports and
administrative issues, and another three day sprint of happy 
hacking on the numerous interesting open ends of PyPy, 
the source code.    

We also intend to discuss and state our view on the time after
the EU period (March 2007 is the last EU funded month),
because clearly the project will not stop after our successful
(knock knock!) completion of the EU project.  It's already
clear that some of us seriously plan for a relaxation time, 
i.e. one without having many obligations.  But that should
not keep us from thinking and envisioning the development 
from April on.  

So to the Sprint: we have two parts of the sprint, first the EU 
and second the public all-invited part:: 

    26th Feb - 28th Feb     EU reports and adminstrative sprint
    1st March               break day / arrival for coding sprint
    2nd March - 4th March   public coding "beyond EU" sprint days

All days are meant as full days, so please arrive 25th Feb / 1st March 
and leave 5th March if you can (this help us with pairing, introductions 
and logistical planning). 

Possible Topics for the coding sprint 

* working on .NET, Java and other backends 

* working on the Javascript, Prolog or a new frontend

* Tuning the JIT, refining approaches `[1]`_

* Fixing PyPy-1.0 problems / improving it (PyPy-1.0 is
  scheduled for Mid February, btw)

* improving the py lib/py.test, build environments, preparing 
  for server administration efforts from April on 

* Work on/with prototypes that use the new features that PyPy enables:
  distribution `[2]`_ (based on transparent proxying `[3]`_),
  security `[4]`_, persistence `[5]`_, etc. `[6]`_.

* discussion about the time after March, and how to
  organize/co-ordinate ourselves 

* all topics that are of interest otherwise (including
  maybe working on some particular EU related topics still!) 

.. _[1]:
.. _[2]:
.. _[3]:
.. _[4]:
.. _[5]:
.. _[6]:


The sprint takes place at the 

    Trillke Gut 
    Steinbergstr. 42
    Hildesheim, Germany

If you come to Hildesheim main station, take the 

    Bus Number 3 (Hildesheimer Wald)

and get out at "Waldquelle".  Walking back a 100 meters gets you
to a small street on the right leading to a big white building, the
Trillke Gut. 

We'll have at least one larger room for sprinting,
and a kitchen for our use.  


We can probably arrange for some cheap or no-cost private 
accomodation, in private rooms located up in the house 
(and being part of "living groups" of 5-10 people).  

There also is a nice Guest house that has been used
during recent events:

and a four-star hotel 500 meters away from the Trillke:


please subscribe to the pypy-sprint mailing list

and register by subversion:

or - if you have no checkin-rights - post to the pypy-sprint list

merlinux GmbH       Steinbergstr. 42    31139 Hildesheim  tel +49 5121 20800 75 (fax 77) 

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