My python programs need a GUI, wxPython or PyQt4?

Sean Schertell sean at
Thu Jan 25 01:34:19 CET 2007

Not to totally hijack the thread -- but since you're all talking  
about best GUI frameworks. Any thoughts on the best looking framework  
for OS X only? Is there any way to write little Python apps that will  
launch in OS X using OS X widgets?


On Jan 25, 2007, at 8:33 AM, dimitri pater wrote:

> On 1/24/07, Laurent Rahuel <lrahuel.notgood at> wrote: Hi,
> I known this can be impossible but what about an "HTML" GUI ?
> Yep, I think you should consider a HTML GUI. I have just finished a  
> project using CherryPy running on localhost. The big advantage is  
> that the app runs on Linux, Mac and Win using a browser without any  
> problem. You can use css and js to polish the user interface and  
> usability of your application.
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