Using with CSV library in Python 2.2!!!

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Tue Jan 9 14:59:32 CET 2007

    mohan> 1. Does Python 2.2 come with CSV library module or not? If yes,
    mohan>    have I lost it somewhere??

As the docs for the csv module indicate, it was new in 2.3.

    mohan> 2. If Python 2.2 does not come with CSV module, is it possible to
    mohan>    add the csv module to the Python root and start working??

You might find that it will work with 2.2, though you might have to make
some source code changes to _csv.c to get it to compile.

    mohan> 3. If yes, where do I get this module from??

You can get both and _csv.c via ViewCVS:*checkout*/python/tags/r236/Modules/_csv.c?content-type=text%2Fplain&rev=52574*checkout*/python/tags/r236/Lib/


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