Python does not play well with others

skip at skip at
Thu Jan 25 18:41:09 CET 2007

    John> My main concern is with glue code to major packages.  The
    John> connections to OpenSSL, MySQL, and Apache (i.e. mod_python) all
    John> exist, but have major weaknesses.

I have no SSL experience or direct mod_python experience (I do use Myghty
effectively), but I have used MySQLdb extensively in multi-threaded
environments.  There is a Python database API (PEP 249).  As far as I know,
MySQLdb implements this API well.  I have personally never had problems.
Andy Dustman, the author of the package is quite responsive to requests
raised in the mysql-python forums on SourceForge
(  If you have problems with
MySQLdb, bring them up there.  I'm sure Andy will respond.


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