Doing date/time + TZ math in python

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>> The problem is, how do I create a datetime object and tell it that it's
>> America/Anchorage *daylight savings time* instead of whatever the system
>> is
>> currently set at?  pytz only has America/Anchorage, and I saw no way to
>> tell it explicitly that the timezone is in Daylight instead of Standard
>> time (e.g. using AKST vs. AKDT for the time zone).
>> I'm sure there is a way to do it, and I'm sure it's quite simple, but it
>> hasn't jumped out at me yet.  Is there a module that I haven't seen that
>> would be better suited for this?
> It looks like3 you're 9 hours in this example:
>, see e.g.

Right, I know I'm at GMT-9, and tzinfo correctly deduces that when it
creates an object.  But what if I were currently at GMT-8 (my time zone on
daylight savings time) and I was importing data created during standard
time?  How would I create an object and tell it this is America/Anchorage
on standard time, or conversely, how would I right now create and object
and tell it to use daylight time?  In other words, how can I explicitly
specify whether or not the time object being created is daylight savings
time or not?  I did not see that option in the documentation reading I did.



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