How to find out if another process is using a file

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Thu Jan 18 18:34:52 CET 2007

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> I'm writing a program which reads a series of data files as they are 
> dumped
> into a directory by another process.  At the moment, it gets sporadic bugs
> when it tries to read files which are only partially written.
> I'm looking for a function which will tell me if a file is opened in
> write-mode by another process - if it is, my program will ignore it for 
> now
> and come back to it later.  This needs to work on linux and windows.  Mac
> OS would be a bonus too.  An os-independent solution would be good, but I
> could write os-specific options and have it pick the appropriate one.

Use with the O_EXCL flag; will fail if the other process has the 
file still open (and will fail if another process is reading the file, too, 
not just if someone is writing).

Gabriel Genellina 

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