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> > > What do you want done? - I am only a thousand miles away...
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> > If I can just get my Python teleporter sorted out, distance will be
> > problem...  A little buggy at the moment though...  Poor John, I
> > him not to test it but oh well.
> OMG!  - I have been feeding that unexpected heap of minced meat
> to the cat...
> - Hendrik

Y'all really need to be more careful.  Much research has been done on
matter teleportation, and there is ample documentation of the dangers
involved.  The logs of the USS Enterprise alone are rife with the
horrible consequences of "transporters gone wild".(1) In addition, the
historical records of the  NSEA Protector contain a particularly
gruesome account of a "digital conveyor" malfunction which caused the
subject to turn inside out and then explode.(2)

These experiments MUST be conducted under the most rigorous controls to
prevent similar catastrophes.  (Unless, you're using Perl programmers as
test subjects, in which case it's okay.  ;^)

Humorously yours,

(1) "Star Trek: the Motion Picture": Roddenberry, Foster and Wise, 1979 
(2) "Galaxy Quest": Howard, Gordon and Parisot, 1999

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