How to use time.clock() function in python

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Mon Jan 22 23:34:20 CET 2007

At Monday 22/1/2007 19:05, yinglcs at wrote:

>I am following this python example trying to time how long does an
>operation takes, like this:
>My question is why the content of the file (dataFile) is just '0.0'?
>I have tried "print >>dataFile, timeTaken" or "print >>dataFile,str(
>timeTaken)", but gives me 0.0.
>Please tell me what am I missing?
>         t1 = time.clock()
>         os.system(cmd)
>         outputFile = str(i) + ".png"
>         t2 = time.clock()
>         timeTaken = t2 - t1
>         allTimeTaken += timeTaken
>         print >>dataFile, timeTaken

time.clock() may not give you enough precision; see this recent post
Use the timeit module instead.

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