Python embedded interpreter: how to initialize the interpreter ?

Ziga Seilnacht ziga.seilnacht at
Wed Jan 3 02:00:26 CET 2007

ycollet at wrote:
> Hello,
> I've written a C embedded application. I want to open a python gui
> application in my C program but when I do :
> PyRun_String( "import", file_input, pDictionary, pDictionary );
> the interpreter emits an error: tkinter module not defined
> What script must I load to initialize the embedded python interpreter
> so as I have the same modules in the python command line and in the
> python embedded interpreter ? /usr/lib/python2.4/*.py ??

Did you call the Py_Initialize() function before trying to execute that
statement? Note also that you might have to Py_SetProgramName(somepath)
before calling Py_Initialize(). See the documentation for details:

Hope this helps,

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