problems with pyzeroconf and linux

Simo Hosio zion at
Fri Jan 26 07:39:30 CET 2007

Hi all,
I am trying to get pyzeroconf ( 
running on my machine but having trouble... Running the file 
seems to register the service, but is unable to find it.

(same situation than in, but differenet 
cause, I'm sure..)

Multicast DNS Service Discovery for Python, version 0.12
1. Testing registration of a service...
    Registering service...
    Registration done.
2. Testing query of service information...
    Getting ZOE service: None
    Query done.
3. Testing query of own service...
    Getting self: None
    Query done.
4. Testing unregister of service information...
    Unregister done.

Running ethereal reveals that there are no responses to the 2) and 
3)...The queries are certainly there. I'm runnin this with Ubuntu Dapper in 
a WLAN network. I am not too familiar with networking in Linux environment, 
so if anyone has any help on how to get it running, I would appreciate. :)

Best Regards,
Simo Hosio

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