still struggling, howto use a list-element as a name ? Sory, hit send button to early

Jussi Salmela tiedon_jano at
Sun Jan 7 13:01:30 CET 2007

Stef Mientki kirjoitti:
> In this exercise, I don't attempt to write "beautiful" Python code,
> but the first thing is to write a simple "user-interface" for non-Pythians.
> I understand that standardization about naming conventions is important,
> but the purpose here is to serve the user, who has to write and 
> unerstand this,
> therefore IORLW is in the domain always written in capitals,
> spaces here makes it lot easier to compare the different actions,
> in this domain we're used to 2 spaces etc.
> <snip>
 > thanks again for all your wonderfull help,
> cheers,
> Stef Mientki

I can now understand the reason for the strange-looking function names 
etc. and think it's reasonable. The application domain is totally alien 
to me, though, so further explanations won't help me because a lack of 
the necessary electronic knowledge.

Furthermore, as became evident from your web pages, your application is 
quite extensive which makes your task more difficult in formulating 
questions because things connected to other things are hard to extract 
for review.

Anyway, happy hacking with Python.


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