Is it possible to get whole commandline include redirection.., etc

Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Sun Jan 14 21:04:57 CET 2007

postindex at wrote:
> Can I get whole commandline not only argument list.
> 1. When I command like this
>     $ > filename
> 2. sys.argv is returns only argument list
>     ['']
> Is there a way to find out 'redirection' information.

It's not possible to find the exact command line redirections.

However, you can tell whether a standard I/O stream has been redirected
or not (kind of) using isattr attribute.  For instance,
sys.stdin.isatty() returns 1 when it's not being redirected.  It's not
exact, though.  It's possible to redirect to a device that is a tty,
and sometimes standard I/O streams will not be ttys even without
redirection, such as when run by a script with redirection.  (It
shouldn't be a problem, since the main use case is to check whether the
program should run in interactive mode or not.)

Carl Banks

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