Wow, Python much faster than MatLab

Wensui Liu liuwensui at
Mon Jan 1 19:56:19 CET 2007


I have the similar background as yours, many years using SAS/R. Right
now I am trying to pick up python.

>From your point, is there anything that can be done with python easily
but not with SAS/R?

thanks for your insight.


On 1/1/07, gblais at <gblais at> wrote:
> We're not so far apart.
> I've used SAS or 25 years, and R/S-PLUS for 10.
> I think you've said it better than I did, though: R requires more attention
> (which is often needed).
> I certainly didn't mean that R crashed - just an indictment of how much I
> thought I was holding in my head.
> Gerry
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