Dividing integers...Convert to float first?

Thomas Ploch Thomas.Ploch at gmx.net
Fri Jan 5 18:47:48 CET 2007

Jonathan Smith schrieb:
> Thomas Ploch wrote:
>> redefined.horizons at gmail.com schrieb:
>>> I'm still pretty new to Python. I'm writing a function that accepts
>>> thre integers as arguments. I need to divide the first integer by te
>>> second integer, and get a float as a result. I don't want the caller of
>>> the function to have to pass floats instead of integers. How do I
>>> convert the arguments passed to the function into floats before I do
>>> the division? Is this necessary, or is their a better way?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Scott Huey
>> Yes, it is necessary. If you divide two integers, the result will be an
>> integer.
>>  >>> 1/2
>>  0
>> You need the function float() -> float because a division between
>> integers and floats will have floats as their results
>>  >>> float(1)/2
>>  0.5
>>>> from __future__ import division
>>>> 1/2
> 0.5
> -smithj

aahh, I have been tought so many things about python that are actually
so old, that I am starting to feel embarrassed.

That brings me to the point, that learning a language X at university
always brings you to a point where you know (almost) everything, but in
reality know nothing because course material is too old...


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