DOTALL not working as expected

Roberto Bonvallet Roberto.Bonvallet at
Thu Jan 18 11:38:35 CET 2007

Stefan Palme wrote:
>> using the "re" module of Python (2.3 and 2.4), I tried the following:
>>   import re
>>   print re.sub('X.*?Y', 'Z', 'Xab\ncdY', re.DOTALL)
> Just noticed, that it works when *compiling* the pattern:
>  import re
>  p = re.compile('X.*?Y', re.DOTALL)
>  print re.sub(p, 'Z', 'Xab\ncdY')
> Still the question - my fault or a bug?

Your fault.  According to the documentation [1], the re.sub function takes
a count as a fourth argument, not the compilation flags.


Roberto Bonvallet

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