Python does not play well with others

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Mon Jan 29 22:12:02 CET 2007

John Nagle a écrit :


>    My main concern is with glue code to major packages.  The connections
> to OpenSSL, MySQL, and Apache (i.e. mod_python) all exist, but have major
> weaknesses.

Neither MySQLdb nor mod_python are part of the Python's standard lib AFAIK.

>  If you're doing web applications,

I do.

> those are standard pieces
> which need to work right. 

I avoid using MySQL - SQLite does a better job as a lighweight 
SQL-compliant no-server solution, and PostgreSQL is years ahead of MySQL 
when it comes to serious, rock-solid transactional RDBMS. But I had no 
problem with the MySQLdb package so far. I also tend to favor 
Apache-independant deployment solutions, so while I had some fun with 
mod_python, I failed to clearly understand how broken it is. And I did 
not have to worry about the ssl support in Python so far. FWIW, I had do 
some LDAP stuff with both PHP and Python, and I would certainly not 
advocate PHP's LDAP support.

> There's a tendency to treat those as abandonware
> and re-implement them as event-driven systems in Twisted.

While Twisted seems an interesting project, it's usually not the first 
mentioned when talking about web development with Python.

>  Yet the
> main packages aren't seriously broken.  It's just that the learning curve
> to make a small fix to any of them is substantial, so nobody new takes
> on the problem.

If you feel you need it, then it's up to you.

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